Apothecare is a state of the art software program that enhances the efficiency of pharmacy clinical and distribution services. The software is PC-based and operates in a Windows environment to provide the highest level of user-friendliness. The program was designed for pharmacists by pharmacists and thus is one of the most user friendly programs available. Alliance Healthcare Group recognizes the importance of pharmacist input in the ongoing development of the software and employs experienced consultant pharmacists along with IT professionals to provide the very best service and support possible.
Apothecare is a comprehensive, fully featured pharmacy software program that will meet or surpass the needs of any pharmacy department. An outstanding feature of Apothecare is the ability to easily customize in an infinite number of ways to best serve the needs of the pharmacy department.
Call one of our consultant pharmacists today for a free demo CD of our program!
Below are just some of the Apothecare’s features. Don’t forget – everything is easily customizable. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
Patient Drug Profile
  • Central location to perform daily patient activities including;
    • Enter and Edit prescriptions
    • Hold, Discontinue, Restore prescription
    • Patient Profile Printing
    • Refill prescriptions
    • Return Medications
    • View/Edit Clinical Notes and Patient Allergies
    • View all Refills and Medication Returns
  • Keyboard entry simplified with hot function keys
  • Allergy, Same Drug Class, and Drug-Drug Interactions checking
  • All historical information is retained and available for viewing (Discharge patient archiving)
  • Automatically generate upcoming refills by location and refill date
  • View and modify pending refills before processing
  • Print labels for refills
  • One touch processing of refills adds to patient profiles updates inventory counts
  • Great for long term care wards
  • Perpetual inventory system using average unit cost
  • Track maximum and minimum stock levels useful for determining order quantities
  • Store contract pricing by vendor and valid date
  • Receive/Return stock functions properly update on hand quantity and average unit cost. Includes a conversion factor to convert quantity received from vendor to quantity stored in pharmacy (i.e. 1 bottle = 100 pills)
  • Historical Stock Receipts/Returns information retained for viewing on screen or as a printed report
  • Integrated Purchase Order sub-system now available
  • Purchasing suite directly integrated into the inventory system highlighted by automatic order generation, order tracking, and receiving
  • Printed Purchase Order layout is entirely user defined
Ward Stock
  • Ward Stock Listing tracks quantity and types of drugs stored in each individual ward
  • Ability to do a batch update of Ward Stock from the listing
  • Can also do a single Ward Stock Issue/Return
  • Historical Ward Stock Issues/Returns information retained for viewing on screen or as a printed report
Security/Data Transfer
  • Security is at the User and Function level.
  • Access to each function in Apothecare can be set from No Access to Full Access. This access can be set for each user
  • Import/Export facility allows information to be saved in another format to be used in another program (i.e. spreadsheet). Alternatively information can be imported into Apothecare from another program. All files can be encrypted if necessary.
  • Labels, MAR Sheets and printed Patient Profile are completely user defined and can be changed at any time without any program changes.
  • Customized reports are easily produced to facilitate drug usage reviews, physician prescribing practices, workload statistics and assorted stock reports.

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