What do I need to run Apothecare for Windows?
We recommend a Pentium IV with 128 Mb of Ram. It operates on Windows 95/98/NT. It will require approximately 50 meg of hard disk space for the initial installation. Additionally, a 15" SVGA colour monitor capable of at least 800X600 resolution or higher is recommended. Ideally, you should have both a laser printer for printing reports and a dot-matrix or bubble-jet printer for labels.
Does Apothecare support HL7 Standard Transactions?
Apothecare is fully HL7 compliant and is able to receive ADT transactions
Does Apothecare for Windows interface to any MIS reporting packages?
Currently, Apothecare for Windows includes an interface to Pharmacy Workload Management System (WMS) v3.1 by DKK Health Systems. It also has the ability to export MIS Statistics in additional customized formats.
Can I customize labels and patient profiles to meet my needs?
MAR Sheets, Patient Profiles, and all labels are completely customizable using an easy drag and drop designer.
Does Apothecare interface to Healthpro?
It is possible to download contract pricing information from the Healthpro buyers group software as well as exporting usage information.
Can Apothecare be customized for my hospital?
Apothecare offers a wide variety of customizable features including;
3 date formats
User Defined fields
Information viewed on Patient Profile
Patient Number caption
Default dispense days
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Last Modified April 13th, 2015
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