Apothecare has been a very useful upgrade to our hospital pharmacy management software. It is very easy to use, and provides all the clinical, purchasing, and reporting information that we need. We have been able to utilize it for our telepharmacy model of hospital pharmacy care, and it keeps getting better.
- Kevin M.
Min-Ya-Win Health Centre

Apothecare has benefited the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital in many ways.
It has provided Pharmacy with an outstanding software program that we have used for many years. It has great flexibility and allows us to personalize reports to suit our hospital’s specific needs. The interaction updates are easy to install and come on a consistent basis.
Nursing loves the labels that we created from the data files. They are customized to our facility, easy to read and provide sufficient information to meet the best practice guidelines.
Inventory management has helped us to keep our product costs low.
I highly recommend this exceptional program and have found it to be very beneficial to our hospital  pharmacy.
- Susan G.
Haldimand War Memorial Hospital

We are a small community hospital and have used the Apothecare system for over 10 years, and found it to be very straightforward and user friendly. New users can become competent with its basic features and processes literally within a few hours. A key feature is the flexibility Apothecare affords in tailoring one's drug distribution processes; it would work well with either traditional and MOSAIC approaches, as well as newer distribution standards. It is also a system that will allow your pharmacy to be fully self-sufficient, with complete control over your order entry, patient file management and inventory/materials management processes.
- Dave M.
West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

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